Beautiful Room Candles For Him Or Her

Let’s face it, January isn’t the most cheerful time of year. Not only is Christmas over, the weather is still cold and gloomy. Spring can feel a long way away and all those scintillating festive lights have gone.

Having candles in your home is a lovely way to make it feel more romantic and cosy. They’re ideal for making your home feel more magical once those Christmas fairy lights have been packed away for another year. 

Candles are also a fool proof gift, with most people loving having them around their home.

Whether you know someone with a birthday coming up or you’re celebrating your anniversary, Lornashouse Lifestyle has a lovely collection to choose from

Lornashouse Lifestyle has candles suitable for women or men.  Although candles are most often given to women, many men really enjoy candles for the ambience they create, scent, or as a way to create a cosy atmosphere. 

Since they come in all sorts of scents and designs, there’s something out there for everyone. Whether it's for relaxation, setting a mood, or simply enjoying a pleasant scent, candles can appeal to anyone regardless of their gender.

Among our range is this St Eval Artisan Candle which has a fresh lemony scent that will appeal to men or women. This is not only a lovely fragrance, it’s great for keeping insects away in your home. Having been shortlisted for Gift of the Year 2022, it’s guaranteed to be a winner if you know someone who loves candles. 

Explore our latest selection of candles for him or her.

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