Choose from a Wide Selection of Hand Creams Gift Sets

Our hand creams are the perfect stocking filler for anyone who loves moisturising with beautifully scented products. 

The skin on our hands tends to be thinner than the rest of our body, making it prone to dryness, especially in winter. Hand creams are packed with emollients, humectants and occlusives which prevent hands getting dry in the freezing weather. 

They often contain goodies like shea butter which softens the skin, and glycerin which draws moisture to it. Some contain occlusions like petroleum or beeswax that create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Other hand creams address specific concerns like age spots, wrinkles or strengthening nails.

They come in a wide array of scents or can be unscented for those with sensitivities. We have fragrances ranging from floral and fruity to herbal or unscented for more neutral preferences.

Lornashouse Lifestyle has hand cream gift sets to suit anyone’s tastes. 

Whether you’re looking for thick creams for intense hydration, or lighter lotions for everyday use, you’ll find them in our collections.  Perfect for the festive season is this Heathcote & Ivory Christmas Legends Set which is less than £10. It contains three hand creams that contain glycerin and vitamin E to leave your hands feeling silky-soft.

The creams also have yuletide scents like pine needles, red berries and candied sugar. Yum!

All our hand creams come in travel-friendly sizes, making them convenient for slipping in your handbag. 

Other stocking fillers we have available include organic chocolate bars, like this 100% Vegan Chocolate Crunch Bar made with peppermint.  

Check out our latest hand cream gift sets. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.
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