What is 'Made in Italy' Clothing?

What is 'Made in Italy' Clothing?

What exactly does “Made in Italy” mean in the fashion industry? For decades, a “Made in Italy” label has signified high quality and internationally praised style. Brands across the globe flock to Italy to have their pieces made by the best in the industry. So, what makes the “Made in Italy” label so desirable? 

Following World War II, Italy emerged as one of the new fashion capitals. Before the war, Italian fashion mimicked French fashion. However, Italian fashion designers came to understand the need for ready-to-wear, non-couture fashion and ran with it. Designers focused on creating luxurious apparel grounded in a sense of reality. From then on Italian fashion houses blossomed and become the foundation for the powerhouse that the Italian fashion industry has grown into today.

The production of leather, silk, and wool grew to new levels as the Italian fashion industry exploded, enabling small, often family-owned manufacturers to make high quality products with the best materials. Many of these factories pass down through generations as a family tradition and still exist today.

In a changing world, Italian fashion has stuck to its roots. That’s why it is desired by so many today. Italy is known for striving for perfection and high-quality in all areas from fashion to art to food. This is why the “Made in Italy” label carries so much weight. As a consumer, people see a product that is Italian-made and instictly associate it as being quality and a worthwhile purchase. To wear an Italian made piece of apparel carries an esteem in which people have pride. Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that “Made in Italy” means something important.

However, "Made in Italy" isn't just for luxury brands! While Italian-made carries importance and signifies luxury, it is not exclusive to extremely high-priced, famous name brand items. Anyone can choose to manufacture their apparel in Italy with the right tools.

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