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Heartland Coffee Roasters - Burundi Murambi Hill 250g Medium Grind

Heartland Coffee Roasters - Burundi Murambi Hill 250g Medium Grind

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For each bag of the 22/23 Burundi harvest Heartland Coffee sell, they will be donating to the Omwani Partner Projects Fund.

This is a scheme set up to contribute financially to support the infrastructure and quality of living around Migoti Washing Station, and the wonderful people who work there.

Burundi coffees hold a special place in the heart of Nathan, our Managing Director, after sparking his interest in specialty many years ago.

This is a wonderful natural process coffee from high up in the mountains above the capital city of Bujumbura.

Migoti Coffee is a community-centric processing station where the local farmers from the surrounding commune can bring their cherries to be processed and sold on to eager roasters like us. The coffee is grouped together by hill areas and then processed and kept as a single lot. This natural fermentation coffee is from the farmers of Murambi Hill.

In April 2022 Nathan visited Migoti and the surrounding farmers and was fortunate to spend valuable time around the washing station, learning lots about the management of a station and the challenges they face from Pontien and Zephyrin, the owner and manager of Migoti respectively.

Migoti work hard to assist farmers in sustainably growing their crop size and quality. Alongside this they also help farmers through education on inter-cropping with medicinal and other useful crops. The Migoti nursery provides thousands of coffee seedlings for farmers per year, as well as essential-oil plants.

Building relationships like this is the gold standard of coffee sourcing for heartland coffee. When the coffee tastes this good and we know exactly where it has come from, that's the pinnacle!

You can take a virtual look at their trip to Burundi here:

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